Seeds of Resilience works with new and expectant parents in the greater Geneva area. Through our range of activities we assist parents in creating an environment where children can grow and thrive. 


The period between conception and three years of age is the most critical in terms of the child's brain development and the adjustment of their hormone, immune and nervous systems. Research shows that the way we interact with infants during this period affects their lifelong health and well-being.


We also use our knowledge about infant development and neurobiology to design and run resiliency and trauma-informed training to organisations and health care professionals.


Meet The Team

What We Do
Cara Perrett

Cara is a counsellor and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner who specialises in working with people who are suffering from stress or trauma. Originally from Scotland, she has lived in Geneva with her husband for 8 years and they have a young daughter and two dogs.  

She believes that prevention is better than cure and is passionate abut supporting parents to help them to sow the seeds of resilience in their children.

Cara started her career as a criminal barrister in London and has a background in peace-building and community justice projects. She is the Founder of Nil by Mouth, a Scottish charity that aims to reduce sectarian divisions and prejudice. In 2015 she was named Scotswoman of the Year.


She has delivered lectures and workshops, including to the Scottish Parliament, on a range of issues from conflict resolution to mental health.



Leslie Burgat

Leslie is a counselor and yoga instructor. An American and mother of four, Leslie has lived in Japan, Spain, and for the past 29 years in Savoie, France.


Having had early professional experience with teaching and business, Leslie shifted her focus to counseling and the healing arts of yoga, meditation, and reflexology. Her original motivation was that of optimizing her own health and that of her family.


She is now dedicated to supporting others in their quest for life balance. Leslie has facilitated workshops for collaboration and transition with a culturally diverse population at the International School of Geneva and the United Nations. She also co-leads equine therapy workshops for stress reduction.