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Parenting may be the most important job of our lives. That being the case, why do so many of us feel so unsupported, so under-appreciated and sometimes so alone? And what can we do to help ourselves, as well as others?

As Diana Spalding, co-author of The Motherly Guide to Becoming Mama said, "We are asking mothers to nurture in a society that doesn't nurture them back."

Finding a supportive community in which we can feel safe to share our honest feelings, including the kind of thoughts and feelings which come from not enjoying certain aspects of parenthood, is a good place to start.

It is a tremendous privilege, as well as a tremendous responsibility to become a parent (including becoming a step-parent) and we need to recognise and support each other in that.

The future of our children, as well as of our communities, depends upon how well we are able to do that.

Seeds of Resilience

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7th October 2020