Foundations of Health

The period between conception and three years of age is the most critical in terms of laying the foundations of health and happiness. When we spend too long during this period in a state of ‘survival physiology’ - which happens when we feel helpless or overwhelmed - we are not creating the neurobiological structures that support health and resilience.


Health is a system which allows us to respond to our environment in an optimal way. The core of our health system is responsible for co-ordinating our immune, hormone and nervous systems and emerges at a time when the baby is utterly dependent on the mother and other caregivers. 


Our ability to withstand diseases, such as hypertension and failures of our immune system, such as cancer and diabetes, as well as mental health and relationship challenges, can all be traced back to the way our core health system developed when we were young. While there is still scope for repairing impaired developmental processes later in life, the seeds are planted and take root during our formative years.


This is why ensuring that our children have the best possible care and start in life is so important not only for their health, but for the health of our society in general.