Parent Consultations

Individual Parenting Guidance


Parenting young children takes stamina and resilience. And

even when we have those qualities, children still have an uncanny

ability to leave us feeling confused and ineffective.  


Why do dinner times feel like a battle, why is sleep so difficult,

why is there so much crying? 


As parents, we aim to work together with our children and

yet that sense of partnership can sometimes be very difficult

to find. And with the stresses and strains of modern life, we

may find it hard to be emotionally available to our children.


Rest assured, you are not alone. Parenting is difficult but it

can and should be enjoyable as well.  

What We Do


This is not therapy, rather a practical way of helping you understand your child’s behaviour. Often we are so busy trying to cope with life events that we don’t realise how these experiences make a child feel. There is always logic behind a way a child acts. 

Parent consultations - which usually take place in your own home - are a way to uncover what a child feels, as well as the meaning behind their behaviour. 

Working Together


This is about collaboration - not about judgement or a 'how-to' of parenting - through working together we use our knowledge about child development to help you reach a deeper understanding of your child’s behaviour.