Workplace Resiliency & Wellbeing

It is estimated that the cost of mental ill-health, such as absences from work and decreased productivity, to the UK economy is £94 billion every year. To put that into perspective that is roughly 4% of its GDP. And that is just one country.


Mental health affects all areas of a person’s life, including their work. Our resiliency training helps support mental, emotional and physical resilience in employees, managers and teams.    


Resilience is not just the ability to bounce back from hardships and adversity, but to do so feeling stronger and more capable than before. Our resiliency training, which can be tailored to your organisational needs, will provide your leaders, managers and teams with the skills to help achieve this.

Resilient people are more flexible and mentally agile, have higher energy and stronger support networks, all of which enables them to consistently perform at their highest level. Effective communication, problem solving and creativity - key ingredients of engagement and productivity - are all byproducts of resilience.


While some lucky people are born more resilient, thankfully for the rest of us it is a skill that can be taught and learned. 



Core components of the training:


  • Resilience and why it matters

  • Physiology of stress versus resilience

  • Moving beyond ‘fight, flight or freeze’ reactions

  • Social connection and support

  • Finding internal and external resources

  • Techniques and practices

  • Preventing burnout