Our Values

Core Principles


  • The period between conception and three years of age is crucial to a child’s life-long health and wellbeing


  • Creating a supportive environment for new parents helps provide children with an optimal start


  • People who have had a secure start tend to be healthier and more resilient


  • People who are healthier and more resilient are less likely to revert to inappropriate defensive strategies

  • Therefore supporting new parents is beneficial to society and helps us all


Collaborating with Parents 


  • We value parents’ knowledge of their children and always use this as our guide


  • We consider parents to be the experts and we seek to work with them


  • We have a non-judgmental approach to families 


  • We value diversity, welcoming people from all backgrounds, cultures, sexual orientations and gender identities


  • We create opportunities for parents to share their experiences and ideas in a safe and supportive environment 


Infant Development


  • When a parent and baby are enjoying pleasurable interactions, they are building the baby’s ‘higher brain’ capacities and developing his or her ability to self-regulate


  • The capacity for self-regulation is one of the main factors affiliated with health and resilience


  • This capacity develops from loving and attentive interactions with our caregivers in our early years



Learning with Children


  • Learning is best supported and encouraged when it is understood from the child’s point of view


  • Self-esteem is crucial for learning 


  • Building on a child’s strengths is much more productive than seeking to ‘correct’ their so-called weaknesses


  • Children learn through play and interaction


  • Parents are a child’s first and most important educators


  • Relationships lie at the heart of learning